Dance - an Athletic Art Form

Dance is an athletic art form. All studies of dance will improve coordination, musicality, creativity, discipline, performance, strength, social skills and flexibility. Below is a list of the different genres offered and what makes each so special.

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    Creative Movement I & II | Ages 2 - 4 | 45 mins

    Where a Love for Dance Begins

    These classes use song, rhythm & creative game to introduce the dance basics of ballet, tap & tumbling. Young dancers will explore spacial awareness and build social skills with nurturing, educated instructors & assistants.

    Ballet Technique | Ages 6+ | 45 - 60 min

    Instills Discipline & Builds a Foundation

    Certified instructors give an education on the what, how & why’s of each exercise done at the barre, in center or across the floor. This method educates dancers on their own bodies and builds an understanding and respect for ballet technique. This class is important for anyone looking to study other forms of dance or build strength and balance in sports like football, basketball, soccer, volleyball or wrestling.

    Jazz | Ages 7+ | 45-60 min

    Lets your dance personality shine

    Students explore Jazz technique and conditioning exercises established by the American Jazz curriculum of Gus Giodano and Charles Kelly. Jumping, turning, and stylized choreography are all incorporated into this faster paced higher energy class.

    Hip Hop | Ages 7+ | 45-60 min

    Encourages Creativity & Individualism

    Students learn the different styles, origins & meaning of hip hop dance. Popping, locking, ticking, flowing, breaking, clowning & krumping are all introduced as well as other current trends. This class is fun for students of all levels of interest and experience.

    Tap | Ages 6+

    Builds Rhythm & Musicality

    The ankle strength and musicality tap dance offers will strengthen and help to build a well rounded dancer. Several techniques & styles ranging from Rhythm to Broadway will be taught throughout the levels. Dancers will learn through sound instead of sight and develop in a high energy fast paced environment.

    Tiny Tots first steps Creative Movement| Age 1.5 - 2.5

    Develops Motor & Social Skills

    This class is a parent/gurdian child class where the focus is on introducing movement to the child through several different exercises. This playful class includes games, songs & lots of props to help encourage movement & growth.

    Lyrical | Age 7+ | 45-60 min

    Incorporates Ballet technique into fluid emotional movement

    Ballet is a prerequisite.

    Acro and Cheernastics ages 4 and up

    A dance and cheer combined tumbling class