Studio Policy & Code of Conduct

The Dance Factory is not a babysitter or a day care service. Fees may be applied to students who have to wait for pick up once the studio closes.

Any unauthorized use of TDF’s name, images or students on the internet or personal website’s are not permitted and will be subject to prosecution.

no refunds for tuition will be made & all late payments are subject to $5 per week . Make up classes are available to classes missed due to illness or inclimate weather

Dancer and Parent /Coach Relationship:

  1. . Dancers, parents, family members and supporters must keep a professional and appropriate relationship with coaches/staff. Outside Contact with coaches regarding dance and The Dance Factory must only be done through first contacting the studio director. Direct contact to discuss studio business to a coach via: phone call, text message, email or social media is a violation of this code of conduct and may result in your removal from the studio. This is for protection of the coach and dancer.


  1. . SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT AN APPROPIATE WAY TO DISCUSS STUDIO BUSINESS. Social media should be used for casual, social, public friendly posts. Appropriate avenues to discuss studio business are as follows:

– Short Emails to the Director 24 hours a day. Expect response in 48 hours

– A brief phone call or text message to the director between normal studio hours 1:30pm-9:30pm Mon-Thurs & 9am-5pm Fridays. Messages will be returned within 48 hours

*Calling or texting the director while in class must be reserved for EMERGANCIES ONLY (a real emergency is not a question about tights because your currently at the dance store)

– Face to Face conversations: The Director will be available at the studio 2-4 Mon-Thur,.Conversation in-between classes should be brief however being present during pick up and drop off will keep you in the loop. Scheduling a face to face meeting is THE BEST & ONLY WAY to address at length conversations. Lengthy emails/ texts will be responded with a scheduled meeting time to discuss.


3. Sharing information and your personal concerns between parents & dancers. Your interpretation of information and studio policy does not represent the voice of the studio, director or its coaches. When asking another dancer or parent for information related to policy, performances, classes etc, you are not respecting the other parent or the studio and are acknowledging that the information you receive may be false. Gossiping is strictly prohibited. Any disputes, disagreements, you may have with the studio, director, other dancers or coaches should be brought to the attention of the Director so that appropriate measures can be immediately taken to remedy and resolve your dispute. If you are uncomfortable reaching out to the Director mediation will be provided.



All images taken and posts made while at the studio, during a performance, when wearing spirit wear or with other studio dance members, represent the Dance Factory. Images & posts should be in good taste and always give proper credit to The Dance Factory. Any images which represent the studio that are taken of dancers under the age of 18 must not be shared in ANY public format. NO IMAGES SHALL BE TAKEN PROFESSIONALLY OR USED FOR PROFIT without the studio’s consent. The studio reserves the right to use at its discretion or require the removal of images taken by you which represent the studio.



. Dance shoes are ONLY worn in the studio.

. No food or drink allowed in the studio space (ONLY water. no exceptions).

. Any food or drink consumed outside the studio space must be disposed of properly.

. Recyclable materials (i.e. water bottles) are not to be disposed of in the trash. Please take these back home with you! 

. Items removed during class (clothing layers, hairnets) must not be left behind after class.

. Hairspray, lotion, and body/foot spray, should never be applied in the studio.

. Dancers are expected to maintain proper hygiene.

In addition, RESPECT is key. Dancers must respect our space. Dancers must leave the space in equal or better condition than when they arrived.


Please Keep This Section

Tutition Scale


Monthly Rate

10 months of classes

Pay in full discount 

Creative Movement & Adult classes

 $55 or $550 for year


 2 hours

 $105 or $1050 for year


 3 hours

 $150 or $1500 for year


 4 hours

 $190 or $1900 for year


 5 hours

 $210 or $2100 for year



 $225 or 2250 for year



Private Lesson $50 per hour, $30 for 30 min

Choreography fee $250

Clean up fee $30 per session or 4 sessions $100

Family Discount 5% on monthly tuition

Refferals will receive 10% off one month’s tuition

Late payments are subject to $5 per week per class. Students will not be permitted to participate unless payment has been arranged.



Attendance Policy


Dancers are expected to be responsible & respectful to the other students & their instructors. Class attendance is a big part of this as dancers learn by doing. With that said, the Dance Factory understands that from time to time dancers need to miss a class. In order to protect the quality of instruction, and the dedication of our dancers we have developed an attendance policy, which will be strictly enforced.


The Dance Factory expects every class missed to be made up. Dancers must provide 1 weeks advanced notice in writing/email, of an absence & notice of scheduled make up class for all mandatory school related absences, planned vacations and outdoor/indoor activities/games/practices. If there is an illness or emergency please notify the studio ASAP. Make ups may be done in a similar level class, if one should exist. If one does not the dancer must schedule a private lesson. Makes ups are FREE of charge for any excused absence. Unexcused absences include indoor/outdoor sporting practices/events, & vacations etc.


If the Dance Factory should cancel class due to weather, or teacher illness, that class will be made up the last month of the season on a Saturday. During in-climate weather, please check your local news stations to see if the studio is open before you leave for class.


Dress Code for classes

Proper dress code is essential to proper dance training. Dancers are expected to wear clothing appropriate to each style, as well as the proper footwear and hair. Dressing appropriately demonstrates discipline and respect for the teacher, fellow students, and the art of dance. Proper dress also allows for safe, efficient movement and proper instruction.

Individual teachers may have requests specific to their own classes. Students will be notified of this during registration. General guidelines for appropriate attire, footwear, and hair are as follows:


Black leotard and pink tights. Any style leotard is permitted and tights can be worn on the feet or off (convertible or footless tights are allowed). Dancers age 12 and up may choose to wear a short, black sheer ballet skirt or black dance shorts (snug with no logos or designs) for days when additional coverage is needed. Hair must be secured off the face in a slick bun. Alignment belts are recommended for dancers age 10 and higher. Pink leather or canvas split sole ballet slippers. Please see your instructor before sewing elastics.

Creative Combo Class

Dance wear in any style or color. We recommend a leotard and biker shorts, or a leotard and a skirt. Black Mary-Jane tap shoes and pink ballet slippers. Hair pulled back off the face in a bun, ponytail, pig tails, etc. Students should be able to transition from wearing tights or thin socks with tap shoes to bare feet for creative movement. So, tights are optional. If worn, tights must be footless or convertible (able to be rolled up over the ankle or worn on the foot).

Hip Hop

Clothing must be dance-friendly. Dancers may wear traditional dance wear (leotard & tights with shorts or jazz pants, etc.), or items like sweats and comfortable clothing. No jeans may be worn. In addition, clothing must be free of inappropriate language. Street shoes are permitted as long as the soles are clean and non-marking.


Leotard and tights or spandex shorts are required. Any color/style is welcome and tights may be worn on or off the feet. Hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or bun. Footwear is currently black or nude split sole Jazz booties (please see staff for specific suggestions)


Dance-friendly attire, including any combination of the following: leotard, tights, shorts, tight Capri’s, tank or snug-fitting top. Hair must be secured in a bun or ponytail. Bare feet or foot undeez/dance paws or other lyrical shoe.


Dance-friendly attire, including any of the following: leotard, tights, snug-fitting top, dance shorts/ skort/ Capri/ jazz pants. Hair must be secured in a bun or ponytail. Black oxford tap shoes with flexible sole (check with the staff for specific suggestions)

Performances: Dancers shoe colors & tight colors may not reflect the same as the classes. Please refer to your costume orders for more information.